Dive Photos Courtesy of MBARA | The Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association | www.mbara.org

Memorial Reefs

SWARA Memorial Reefs provide permanent tributes.

There is no better statement of who we are than what we leave behind. For many that enjoy fishing, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, or just a general love of the Gulf, a personalized Memorial Reef is the perfect honorary tribute
for hundreds of years to come.

SWARA offers Memorial Reefs to the public that allows families, groups, and organizations to personalize and name a commemoratory reef.

The Reefs are scientifically engineered and constructed with materials proven to not only withstand the strongest storms, but attract some of the most diverse marine species in the Gulf. Your Memorial Reef will create a unique ecosystem and provide a permanent and sustainable environment for all marine life.

A marble plaque can be permanently attached to the reef and the reef coordinates published on the SWARA website and incorporated into local nautical charts.

Reefs are deployed into local Gulf waters within SWARA permitted areas, where our dive & research team can regularly monitor and evaluate the reefs.

Memorial Reefs are favorite hot spots for fishing and are excellent dive destinations... allowing you to visit and experience a living legacy.

If you are interested in building a memorial reef and would like more information about this special program, please contact our Memorial Reef director at info@waltonreefs.org